Well, that was another interesting week in the NFL.............
So many unfathomable results following on from a dodgy Week 7.
There were two games that went 100% to plan, (Steelers/Patriots and Lions/Broncos).
The rest were a mixed bag except for the RAMS game that was a total shock to everyone.

Despite the last two weekends of subpar performance the Eagleseye Gold and Generic picks are still in positive territory, so we are still playing with house money.
EAGLESEYE GOLD OVER UNDER PICKS are leading the way with an astonishing 83% on the season.

We are REALLY looking forward to this weekend because we have several MONEYLINE MONEYMAKERS and we are going yard with our FIRST GOLDEN 4 TEAMER OF THE SEASON

Don't miss this GUARANTEED MONSTER PARLAY !!!!!!! email me at eagleseyenfl@gmail.com
You can have this information in time to lay the lumber this weekend and start your Christmas celebrations early this year.

Generics will be posted tomorrow evening.
Thanks For Your Support

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