Good Evening Sportsfans
The EaglesEye has crunched the numbers for week 7 and has zeroed in on some very interesting opportunities for you this week.
The lines for this week are excellent and have made several games as scary as some of the Movies scheduled for release this Halloween.  WE WILL LEAVE THOSE TRICKS FOR THE GAMBLERS and fill our pockets with the TREATS.
As always, I will list the probable outcomes of all 14 contests, the good candy is reserved for the INNER SANCTUM.  Email me at eagleseyenfl@gmail.com for more information.

STEELERS -3          OVER 40.5
FALCONS -3.5        UNDER 42.5
EAGLES +3             OVER 43
CHIEFS -9               OVER 37.5
REDSKINS +2.5      UNDER 40
SAINTS -13             OVER 43.5
RAVENS -13           OVER 40
PANTHERS +3       UNDER 35.5
BUCS -3                  UNDER 38.5
SEAHAWKS -6      OVER 40
PATRIOTS +2.5     OVER 47.5
RAIDERS +8          OVER 42
VIKINGS +2.5        UNDER 44.5
GIANTS + 3           OVER 44.5

Have a great weekend everyone.

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