Good Evening Sports Fans
Week 4 is upon us and we are faced with the refined skills of the Las Vegas Oddsmakers and boy do they have some teasers for us this week.  However, the Eagles Eye has some tricks up his sleeve this week.
There are a few headscratchers but all in all there is some form to this week’s opportunities.  My picks this week are not rated because our members are getting the good stuff via private email this week.  We are open for business.
For those of you that are part of the “INNER SANCTUM”, Thank You for your confidence and we are going to get cracking this week with some “SPECIAL” opportunities, and a bonus that you will be hearing about in the next 24 hours.  For those of you that wish to learn more about the mysterious “INNER SANCTUM” please email me at eagleseyenfl.com
HERE WE GO……………………..
NEW YORK JETS -5.5              OVER 37
PITTSBURGH -2                      OVER 34.5
CINCINNATI -3                       OVER 37.5
TENNESSEE -6.5                     OVER 42.5
CAROLINA +13.5                     OVER 44
DETROIT +14.5                       UNDER 45
SAINT LOUIS +1                     UNDER 40.5
ATLANTA -7                            UNDER 42
HOUSTON -3.5                        OVER 43.5
INDIANAPOLIS -7                   UNDER 46.5
WASHINGTON +6                  UNDER 42.5
ARIZONA +8.5            UNDER 46
NEW YORK GIANTS -3.5        UNDER 44
NEW ENGLAND -1                 OVER 46.5
I hope you have a profitable weekend.

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