That was quite a week.  So so performance on the face of it, however for those of you that are members, it was solid.  The EaglesEye Monday night record now stands at an outstanding 100% (3 for 3).
It has outperformed every legal investment vehicle that I am familiar with, and we are going to keep it going this week with the Jags and Titans.

I have to admit it looked pretty grim for Three Quarters of the Jets / Vikings contest but the OVER was covered handsomely during the Fourth Quarter.  For those of you reading this blog who want to get in on this information, email eagleseyenfl@gmail.com  It might just be the most profitable email you will ever send.

Overall we went 15 and 13 which could probably be achieved by tossing a coin or throwing a dart at the lines but it is the confidence component of this system that makes it unique and provides the value.
We have to remember that every game is not an opportunity to win, its the oddsmakers need to create two even pots of money on each side of the line that creates our opportunities to profit.

Picks will be posted tomorrow so check back to see this weeks insights.

Have a great day.

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