This is not a week to lay the lumber people. There are some nasty point spreads and some meaningless contests that have the oddsmakers licking their lips this week.

There are a few opportunities that we have isolated and you can obtain them by emailing me at eagleseyenfl@gmail.com

Do not go to the window without some serious insights because this is a veritable minefield.  You do not want to spoil your Christmas

Steelers -14.5 v Panthers                OVER 37
Cowboys -6.5 v Cardinals              OVER 45
Patriots - 8.5 v Bills                       OVER 44.5
Ravens -3.5 v Browns                    UNDER 39
Bears -1 v Jets                                OVER 36
Jaguars -7 v Redskins                     OVER 45.5
Titans +5 v Chiefs                          OVER 42
Lions + 3.5 v Dolphins                   UNDER 41.5
Rams -2 v 49ers                             OVER 39.5
Raiders +3 v Colts                         OVER 47.5
Texans -2.5 v Broncos                   UNDER 49
Chargers -7.5 v Bengals                 UNDER 44.5
Seahawks +6.5 v Bucs                   UNDER 44
Packers -3 v Giants                        OVER 43
Vikings +14 v Eagles                     OVER 44
Falcons -2.5 v Saints                      OVER 48.5

Caution, Ladies and Gentlemen

Merry Christmas


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