A disappointing week last week.  Plenty of favorites won their games but failed to cover spreads.  Subpar teams were allowed to score too many points and teams that were supposed to be contenders for the playoffs failed to score expected point totals.
This tripped the Eagle up this past week.  We are going to be cautious this week as we see the imposters fall by the wayside and the real contenders should eventually emerge to live up to their potential.
The Eagleseye system works exceptionally well when teams are firing on all cylinders.  We are entering the time of year when some teams have already thrown in the towel so vigilance in data analysis is critical.
There are some interesting match ups this week. It started with the Eagles covering a hefty spread against an average team that were allowed to get back in the game in the third quarter.  Philly's defence gave up too many yards and will need to do better in upcoming contests if they want to extend their season this year.
Picks will be out tomorrow

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