I know we still have one more contest this week but I am posting the review early because tonights game is relatively meaningless and I need to get a jump on the data for the final week of the regular season.
The Eagles should win comfortably though the EYE does not see them covering the 14.5 point spread but not with enough confidence to recommend investment, so we are staying away. BUT.....
As a Christmas present to all my non subscribed readers, the EAGLESEYE is giving a FREE SILVER EAGLE pick on the OVER.  This line opened at 38 and has been moving up ever since, so take it if you can get it at 43.5 to 44.  Over that and we would recommend avoiding it.
That being said it was just as I predicted this week with some landmines going off in several games.  I hope those of you that proceeded to invest without the priveleged information of the EAGLESEYE managed to avoid those boobytraps that were littering the point spreads.
The INNER SANCTUM of the Eagleseye had a good week and has plenty of dry gunpowder going into the final week of the regular season.

Generic picks this week were a lackluster 15 and 15 but the premium EAGLES were positive at 10 and 4 with one to go tonight.
Monday Night we were on the sidelines so our Monday Night Eagles are still a fantastic 80% and the GOLDEN EAGLES are 72% average for the last 4 weeks. (64% for the season).

This is our time.  The data is solid and the teams are approaching the "win or go home" stages.
Errors and anomalies tend to disappear and the oddsmakers worry about balancing the piles of cash on each side of the lines so much, that opportunities are created for the wiley EAGELSEYE.  Remember our mantra; APPLYING COMMON SENSE, STATISTICAL ANALYSIS TO BEATING THE ODDSMAKERS CONSISTENTLY, AND IN A CONTINUOUSLY IMPROVING MANNER.

To get in before the play-offs contact me at eagleseyenfl@gmail.com and I make sure that you get the information you need to finish the season in style.

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