Here we go Ladies and Gentlemen its the final week of the regular season and we have 16 games to keep an EAGLESEYE on tomorrow.  Excellent.
The GOOD news is it should be a great week of NFL Football with several games having significant importance.  Not the least of them is the Packers Bears finale in Green Bay where game time weather forecast is 15 degrees, partly sunny and WSW winds at 15 to 25 MPH.  It should be EPIC.
The BAD news is that the handicappers in Vegas look awfully cagey on most of this weekends games.
There are a few gems hidden in this weeks lines and they can be yours if you contact me at eagleseyenfl@gmail.com
The Eagle is on a significant roll and his eyesight is getting clearer every week.

Here are the generic picks but if you are lucky enough to have some profits this season, be very vigilant before wading in to the water this week.  There are sharks circling for your cash before the playoffs begin, because the playoffs have larger exposure.  More on that next week.

PITT-6.5 V CLEV       UNDER 38
TENN +10 V INDY    OVER 48
OAK +3 V K CITY     OVER 43.5
WASH +4 V NYG       UNDER 45
DALL +3 V PHIL        OVER 43.5
ATL -14.5 V CAR      UNDER 41.5
TB +7 V NEW ORL   OVER 46.5
DET -3 V MINN        OVER 43
JETS -2 V BUFF        OVER 39.5
NE -5.5 V MIA          OVER 44
HOU -3 V JAX           OVER 46
G BAY -9.5 V CGO  OVER 43
STL -3.5 V SEA        OVER 42
AZ +6 V SAN F        OVER 39.5
SAN D -3.5 V DEN   UNDER 47.5

Happy New Year Everyone

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