Free NFL Picks Conference Championship Weekend

Last week was another winning weekend in terms of picks and we believe that the EAGLESEYE system has flushed out the winners again this weekend.
Lines are Steelers -3.5 or 4 dependent upon where you book.  Over Under 38.5 or 39
Green Bay -3.5 and Over Under 42.5 or 3.

Vegas loves to create those two big piles and I believe they have achieved their goal.

The Packer Bear Line was Genius, Pure Genius  Opened 3.5 and there it sits.  A perfect spread
Packer fans who we all know bet with their heart AND their cash have been enticed with the promise of a return to the Superbowl without Brett Favre.  A Very Nice victory in Atlanta and therefore a slim 3.5 against the arch enemy.
Bear Fans have so much hatred for the Pack and have so much blind faith in their team that they are loving the Bears +3.5 at home.
Two neatly stacked piles of cash and two groups of confident punters just waiting for the final whistle to collect their winnings.

Likewise the 3.5 for the Jets Pitt contest is also a very intelligent selection.
Jets Fans buoyed by that nice tidy whooping of the SuperBowl favorites in New England last week are certain they are the team of destiny this year.  Getting 3.5 against the Steelers looks like excellent motivation for a wager.
Pittsburgh playing hard nosed, in your face smashmouth football, easily disposed of Baltimore and their fans already have reservations for flight and hotel in Dallas in a fortnight.  3.5 points looks like a steal to them.

AHHH !!!!!! the beauty of the UNEMOTIONAL handicapping system.
We are unencumbered by any of this warm fuzzy emotion that creeps into our decision making ability at this time of year.  We are locked and loaded based on the facts.  The facts that lead us to the CORRECT, RATIONAL, CONTINUOUSLY IMPROVING SOLUTION.

The Eagle has 4 strong opinions this week and with an 8 week winning streak on the line is ready to go 4 and 0 this weekend to really Beef up the Bankroll for Superbowl Sunday.  You have less than 24 hours to contact me for this information.  Email me ASAP at eagleseyenfl@gmail.com
This information will be free as an incentive for future participation.  It will come with a guarantee so jump in today before the season passes you by.

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