What a finish to the regular season.
Generic picks were 13 and 3.  Season totals were respectably in positive territory.
That howeever, is only part of the story.  Due to the continually improving nature of the Eagleseye System, we are just hitting stride.
We are on a substantial 5 game winning streak that will strike terror in the heart of your bookmaker.

As I began to explain in my last post, there are reasons why unemotional sports wagering can thrive during the win or go home stages of seasonal sports.
1)  The sports books, in general, do not care who wins these games.  They only want to balance the book.
2)  Because there are fewer games, the amounts wagered on each game get larger, therefore the efforts that are made to balance the piles of money on each side of the line are more critical and also more fluid.  Just look at what has happened already with the line of the Eagles Packers contest.  It opened at most books at Eagles -4 and very quickly moved to eagles -2.5.  Crossing a line from a field goal + to under a field goal in the first 24 hours is very significant.
3)  Teams will be firing on all cylinders and are unlikely to have let down weeks.
4)  Large market teams that have larger followings tend to have larger followings of cash also.  Oddsmakers take this into account when setting lines because it increases potential exposure.  Lines on Big Market teams can be exaggerated.  This creates opportunities for people that are not emotionally attached.

There are 4 Play Off games this weekend and EAGLESEYE SELECTIONS WILL NOT BE MADE PUBLIC until after the fact so now is the time to email me at eagleseyenfl@gmail.com

Thanks for your support this year and keep checking back for paly off reviews and breakdowns.

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