Greetings from sunny Las Vegas Nevada.
The town is gripped with the excitement of a new NFL season and the Sportsbooks are fighting with each other to get the lions share of the dollars that are going to be wagered this weekend.
I am not going to waste your time or mine except to say that what you are about to read is meaningless unless you have the inside scoop that goes with it.  INNER SANCTUM members get the low down on which of these picks are marginal and which are SOLID GOLD.
As always, the sportsbooks are trying to balance the piles of money on each side of each game so they can live handsomely by robbing Peter to pay Paul and keeping the juice from both sides.  Unfortunately for them, when they do this, it creates opportunities for the likes of you and I to profit.
Last year, we went on a rampage that started mid season and continued all the way to the Superbowl.
This year we are going to start early.

Here are the generic picks.  Contact me at eagleseyenfl@gmail.com for the extra information that will make your Week 1 a week to remember.

Green Bay V New Orleans  Packers -4         UNDER 47
Atlanta V Chicago               Falcons -3         OVER 41
Philly V Saint Louis            Eagles -5           UNDER 43.5
Detroit V Tampa Bay          Lions +2            OVER 41
Tennessee V Jacksonville   Titans +3           UNDER 39
Indianapolis V Houston      Texans -3          UNDER 45.5
Cincy V Cleveland              Bengals +6.5    UNDER 36
Buffalo V Kansas City        Chiefs -6.5        OVER 40.5
Pittsburgh V Baltimore       Steelers +3        OVER 36.5
Minnesota V San Diego      Chargers -9       OVER 41
Carolina V Arizona             Cardinals -7      OVER 37
Seattle V San Francisco      Seahawks +5.5  OVER 39
N Y Giants V Washington   Giants -3          OVER 38
Dallas V N Y Jets                Cowboys +4.5  OVER 41
New Eng V Miami              Patriots -7          OVER 45
Oakland V Denver               Oakland -3        OVER 40

Good Hunting Everyone and have a great weekend.


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