Ladies and Gentlemen
Week 3 is here and we have some excellent opportunities to make some money.
Below are the Generic Picks, but beware, unless you have the inside scoop, some of these are just plain gambles.  For the REAL EAGLESEYE INFORMATION, contact me at eagleseyenfl@gmail.com
You will learn the information necessary to make this an investment opportunity not a gambling proposition.

JAGUARS V PANTHERS                          PANTHERS -3.5                 OVER 43
FORTY NINERS V BENGALS                 FORTY NINERS +2.5         OVER 40
LIONS V VIKINGS                                    LIONS -3.5                           OVER 45
BRONCOS V TITANS                               BRONCOS +6.5                   OVER 42
DOLPHINS V BROWNS                           DOLPHINS +2.5                  UNDER 41
GIANTS V EAGLES                                  GIANTS + 7                         OVER 41.5
TEXANS V SAINTS                                  SAINTS -4                            UNDER 53
PATRIOTS V BILLS                                  BILLS +8.5                          OVER 53.5
RAVENS V RAMS                                     RAVENS -3.5                      OVER 41.5
JETS V RAIDERS                                       JETS -3.5                             OVER 41
CHIEFS V CHARGERS                             CHIEFS +14.5                     UNDER 45
PACKERS V BEARS                                 PACKERSV-3.5                   OVER 46
CARDINALS V SEAHAWKS                   CARDINALS -3.5               UNDER 43
FALCONS V BUCCANEERS                   BUCCANEERS -1.5             OVER 45.5
STEELERS V COLTS                                STEELERS -10.5                 UNDER 39.5
REDSKINS V COWBOYS                         REDSKINS + 6                   UNDER 45

Remember to check back as we get closer to game time, due to the possible line changes.
Happy Hunting

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