Now that the excitement of the opening week has passed and our profits are safely tucked away, Week 2 looks a little more challenging in some areas.  There are some interesting match ups to contend with and some huge point spreads to tackle.

The Eagleseye has crunched the numbers and has uncovered the opportunities that will keep the good times rolling.

Here are the generic picks and as always, there are picks here that are too close to call and not worthy of our hard earned dollars.  However, the real gems are available by contacting me at eagleseyenfl@gmail.com   I will not only let you know how to take advantage of my NO LOSE GUARANTEE, but I will let you know how to invest in my GOLD and SILVER selections to maximize your return.

GREEN BAY -10        UNDER 46.5
PITTSBURGH -14.5   OVER 40.5
JAGS + 9.5                  UNDER 38.5
RAVENS -6                 OVER 38
CHIEFS +8                  UNDER 45.5
REDSKINS -4             UNDER 45
BEARS +7                   UNDER 47.5
BUFFALO -3              OVER 42.5
INDY +2.5                   UNDER 40
VIKINGS -3                OVER 41.5
COWBOYS -3             OVER 42.5
BENGALS + 4.5         OVER 40
SAN DIEGO +7          UNDER 54
HOUSTON -3             UNDER 47
EAGLES -2.5              UNDER 49.5
GIANTS -5.5               UNDER 43.5

Have a great weekend everyone and thanks for reading the EAGLESEYE

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