We knew that this was a tough week and it certainly proved to be that way.
In the Minefield of the generic picks we were slightly above .500
On the system side it was a very good week.  GOLD picks were 2 of 4 because the Packers recievers decided to drop a couple of crucial passes and the Titans defence decided to have an unscheduled BYE week.  However SILVER picks went an impressive 8 and 3 or 73%.  We also had two MONEYLINE MONEYMAKERS in the Bengals and the Bills.  So we still cashed nicely at the window and added to our warchest.
EAGLESEYE GOLD is running 63% on the Season so far, (OVER/UNDER GOLD is running 77%), and we are only getting stronger and more confident as the data refines.

Coming up tomorrow night we will have this weeks selections which includes no less than 3 MONEYLINE MONEYMAKERS that you need to be in on.

email me at eagleseyenfl@gmail.com for the information that will put more Thanks in your upcoming Thanksgiving celebrations.
Have a great day

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