Well there is always one week in the first half of the season that trips us up.
For a few years when I was first developing the Eagleseye System it always seemed to be week 6.
Last year it was week 5, when I distinctly remember sitting in the Sportsbook miserably watching the games unfold in an unfathomable fashion.  This year it was Week 7.

Raiders 0 points last week.  Saints 62 points against the Colts. Ravens 7 pts in a 19 point game against the Jags.  Titans getting mothered by the Texans. Seahawks and Browns in a 9 point THRILLER.
CHOKERS, I mean Chargers getting pipped at the post by the Jets.  WHAT A WEEK !!!!!!

If it wasn't for a couple of exotics anchored by the 3 LOCKS OF THE WEEK, (PITT -3.5 and GB MN OVER and DALLAS -12), we would have REALLY handed back a serious chunk of our hard earned profit year to date.  However we are still focused and positive financially for the season, (actually ahead of last year at this point), so on we go.  Generics for this week will be up either possibly later tonight or definitely tomorrow.
KEEP THE FAITH and email me if you want this weeks inside scoop.

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