Another Decent Money Making Week for the Eye

Generic picks went 58% despite some odd performances.
Eagleseye Silver had a great week at 71.43%
YTD all 3 Eagleseye indicators are in positive territory for the year.

As followers of my system know, the performance improves as the season progresses, so we are poised for another solid season.

Overall we feel that there are some teams that the system appears to have figured out and others that are causing a few ripples in the matrix, so to speak.  We are crunching the numbers backwards and forwards and will continue to flush out the truth.

This week we have some very interesting predictions that if wagered correctly, can add significant girth to the bankroll.  We have a 2 game 4 bet parlay that is good for major returns.
Email me at eagleseyenfl@gmail.com for the details.

Check back later tonight for this weeks Generic picks.


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