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Welcome to our new readers from all across America.  There has been a significant increase in traffic and we are now attracting viewers from Canada and Alaska.  I trust that you will enjoy this weeks selections and to those of you who are just getting to know the EaglesEye, believe me, we are just warming up.  Please feel free to comment on these posts, or if you have specific questions you can email me at eagleseyenfl@gmail.com

This week has some large point spreads to contend with and some very tight contests that will be interesting to watch.  We are getting more in tune with these teams and the predictions are beginning to jump off the sheet.  Once again the BRONZE picks are not to be trusted with any degree of confidence but only to confirm or refute your own suspicions.  The SILVER are gaining confidence every week and though fewer in number as the data refines, they will provide handsome rewards.  GOLD need no explanation.  From 7 and 6 Week 1 to a healthy 2 and 0 last week, LOCK AND LOAD.  Unfortunately we have only one GOLD pick this week but let's keep an eye on the SILVER.

Here we go............

TITANS +3           GOLD               OVER 42              BRONZE

BUFFALO +14     SILVER             UNDER 42.5        BRONZE

BROWNS +10.5   BRONZE          UNDER 37            BRONZE

PITT -3                 BRONZE           OVER 33.5           BRONZE

BENGALS -3      SILVER               OVER 38               SILVER

FALCONS +4     SILVER               UNDER 49.5          SILVER

K C +2.5            BRONZE              OVER 36              BRONZE

TIGERS + 11     BRONZE              UNDER 42           BRONZE

HOU -3             BRONZE               OVER 47                SILVER

WASH -3.5       SILVER                 OVER 38.5           BRONZE

EAGLES -2.5   BRONZE               UNDER 44.5         BRONZE

COLTS -5.5      BRONZE               UNDER 48             SILVER

CHARGERS -5.5     BRONZE       UNDER 44              SILVER

CARDINALS -4      BRONZE        UNDER 39            BRONZE

JETS -2            SILVER                 OVER 34.5            BRONZE

PACKERS -3   SILVER                 UNDER 44            BRONZE

Please feel free to comment and email me.
Have a great weekend.

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