Another great weekend of NFL Football.  There is so much good news this week that I do not know where to start.  First of all, the data is shaping up nicely and we are now seeing who are for real and who are the posers.

The Eagles Eye is in a contest with other handicapping systems and so far we are running 2nd OVER UNDER and 3rd ATS Picks.  That should tell you that these first few weeks are truly, truly a total Crap Shoot.  Unfortunately in this contest a pick for each game has to be entered therefore the results are a little distorted but we are going to try and hit the front this weekend and stay there till the end of the season.

This was definitely another week to watch, listen and learn as the Vikings fell to the Fish and the Cowboys were mauled by the Bears.  Well fortunately the data is definitely starting to make sense.

The BRONZE picks that on a regular week we would not even touch followed a winning Week 1 performance with a resounding THUD !!!!!!!!!!!!  This is to be expected and should not cause any alarm. There is great comfort to be taken in the fact that the SILVER picks were 3 and 2 this week.

The FANTASTIC news is that the GOLD picks were 2 and 0  (KC and Clev UNDER and GB -13).  These are our Bread and Butter.  These are what this system is all about.

We are going to wait one more week to confirm and adjust and then we are off to the races.  Of course if you want to pull the trigger early that is entirely up to you.

The Eagles Eyesight is starting to sharpen and the opportunities in the point spreads are starting to appear.

Stay tuned for this weeks prognostications.

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