For those of you who are new to the Eagles Eye, here is a brief outline of the mission.
In 2002 I began applying some scientific theories to the task of uncovering opportunities created by oddsmakers in Las Vegas.  This was after an earth shattering comment by a good friend of mine.  He reminded me that the object of the point spread was not to predict the result but to create two piles of money on each side of the wager.  Thus allowing the oddsmakers to thrive off of the little taste which is taken out of both piles of money.
This common sense revelation hit me like a bucket of cold water !!!
Since then I have been applying my craft, developing a system that can beat these odds week after week.
As with anything that involves human behaviour, there are always anomalies, however, my system is designed to factor these out and return a significant profit that far outweighs the risk.
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