A disappointing opener between the Saints and the Vikings wasn't it ?  The good news was that at kick off the line was 4.5 so technically the New Orleans pick was correct, however the lack of scoring proved that the decision to hold back on the first week of football is also correct.

I am also renaming 3 star picks GOLD, 2 star are SILVER and 1 Star BRONZE.

LINE MOVES in recent hours have made the following analysis necessary.

Carolina v Giants line is now Giants -6 so our CAROLINA +6 is still a solid GOLD pick.
Over Under still SILVER at OVER 41

Miami v Buffalo UNDER 39 still BRONZE however the move to Miami -3 makes MIAMI -3 a new BRONZE selection.

Atlanta v Pittsburgh O/U up a point to 38.5 downgrades our OVER 38.5 to SILVER. ATLANTA -1.5 from -2.5 is a solid improvement in our formerly weak BRONZE pick.

Detroit v Chicago remains a solid SILVER CHICAGO -6 proposition however the O/U to 44.5 moves our weak over pick to an even weaker BRONZE UNDER 44.5 selection.

Cincy v New England is getting a lot of attention the lines is bouncing around more than an Antonio Freeman from Brett Favre completion.  As of now we are down to SILVER on the UNDER 44.5 and we now have a BRONZE BENGALS +5 selection.  This game could be more fun to watch than the Packers v Eagles game.

Cleveland v Tampa Bay is quiet.  We are still Solid SILVER BUCS -3 and we have been given a little more confidence with our BRONZE UNDER which is now 37.5

Denver v Jacksonville has moved to Jack -3.  Thanks for the extra half we are SILVER DENVER+3. We are also grateful for the extra point for our now SILVER, (formerly bronze), UNDER 40.5 pick.

Colts v Texans now Colts -3 we reamin totally on the sideline and we are still BRONZE UNDER 47.

Oakland v Tennessee we remain SILVER TENN -6.5 and BRONZE OVER 40.5

Packers v Eagles line is now Packers -3. this takes us off of this game but we are now SILVER over 47.5.  This game has a lot of promise for football fans.  I hope it does not cause too many Packer fans to chew their fingers down to the knuckels.

San Fran v Seattle our BRONZE SF-3 pick improves half a pint and we are still BRONZE OVER 37

Arizona v St Louis  I don't know if this is increased confidence in St Louis or waning confidence in Arizona but ARIZONA -3.5 is now SOLID GOLD and we are still solid SILVER OVER 39.5.

Dallas v Washington has moved a point but is still BRONZE UNDER 39.5 but a move to Dallas -3 has given us the green light to go BRONZE DALLAS -3.

Baltimore v Jets was a weak pick and is now even weaker at BRONZE OVER 36.5 but we remain solid SILVER with BALTIMORE +2.

San Diego v Kansas City  A big 1.5 point move makes a weak Silver pick into a SOLID SILVER SAN DIEGO -4.5 selection and we have a little more confidence in our BRONZE UNDER 45.5 pick.

See next post for summary of this weekends action.
Good Luck

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